Walker's Three to See: <i>Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold</i>

KCUR Arts Reporter Steve Walker shares his top movie picks of the week.

Witty documentarian Morgan Spurlock is three-for-three with this follow-up to Super Size Me and Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? He's made a very funny, irony-rich movie about the necessary evil of product placement (the most insidious example of late was the bomb shelter chock full of Dole products in The Road) in movies that wouldn't have been made? without product placement. He sold the above-the-title rights to juice company Pom Wonderful for a million bucks, and completely financed the rest of the film thanks to donations of cash and/or products from such companies as Hyatt, Jet Blue, and Mini-Cooper. The way the film keeps commenting on itself might drive some viewers a bit wacky but this one thanks Spurlock for not only looking his gift horse in the mouth but giving it a big sloppy kiss.