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Veto Override Fuels High-Rise Opposition

May 6, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Making its stand for economic development, the city council voted Thursday to override Mark Funkhouser's veto and reinstate its approval of a controversial office building for the Country Club Plaza.

That means opponents will proceed with a campaign to force a public vote to nix the plan.

Councilman John Sharp told his colleagues they had an option that could avoid that confrontation - reconfirm the council's resolve to allow changes to the area plans, but let the veto of this proposed building stand.

Sharp said if that course were taken, opponents would not pursue the referendum, adding, "I don't think we want to start this term with that kind of divisive fight in our community when we can avoid it."

But the council voted 9 to 3 to revert to its original decision.

The Friends of the Plaza group announced that it already has enough signatures to submit to the city clerk and election officials to start the final signature-collection process for a public repeal of the plan.