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Variable Wait Times, Some ID Confusion At Polls

Nov 6, 2012

Voters from Paola to Belton experienced many short or quick-moving lines Tuesday morning at polling places.

Posting on KCUR's Facebook page and responding to @KCUR's Twitter queries about their voting locations and wait times, most of those who commented experienced waits from 20 to 30 minutes.

Amanda Snoddy voted early Tuesday morning, at 6:15 a.m., at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mission, Kan., and waited about 20 minutes. "No problems," she said.

At the Don Bosco Senior Center in the Columbus Park in Missouri, Amy Ameis waited in line only five minutes, she said via Facebook, and was "out of there in 15 minutes max."

Twitterer @MARKSURMA had an easy time voting in Missouri's Brookside neighborhood.

Missouri voter Matteo Frank said he ran into some trouble, however, when trying to vote with his UMKC student ID card at the Second Presbyterian Church in Brookside. According to Frank, poll workers required him to have his state ID, which he fortunately had nearby in his car, and they asked for his voter registration card.

"My understanding is that you don't need your card and you can vote with your student ID," Frank commented on Facebook.

He's right about the student ID, according to the Missouri Secretary of State's office website -- as long as the ID is from a Missouri university, it's good enough for you to vote. And the voter registration card is not listed as a requirement either.

Information on Kansas' voter ID requirements can be found here.

Some polling places didn't have such short wait times. At 6 a.m. the wait at the Waldo Public Library was about 50 minutes, according to Kate Jackson. And Facebook user Buck Sommercamp reported that disorganization slowed down the process at The Carlyle Senior Living Community in Lee's Summit.

Sommercamp described it as "a very cumbersome process that could have been avoided" with more machines in place, along with backup ink and more coffee to go around. All told, his wait there this morning was about an hour, he said.

Wait times are expected to increase throughout the day. Missouri Secretary of State spokesperson Stacie Temple said that those who haven’t voted yet should expect more long lines as more people get off work.

If you still haven't gotten out to vote, HERE is where you can find your polling place in Kansas, and HERE you can find your polling place in Missouri. For more information on voting in Kansas, click here. For info on voting in Missouri, click here.