US Air Guitar Regionals Come to KC: Meet The Oxygen Warriors

Jun 21, 2012

Air Guitar. It sounds like something you should only do in private, but it’s become an international phenomenon – a combination of sport, comedy, mime, and performance art, with ample hair tossing, fret scaling, and hip thrusting.

On this Thursday's Central Standard, we speak with our reigning national champion Nordic Thunder. After taking the national title in Chicago last year, he went on to be interviewed on George Lopez, and to take 2nd place in the World Championships in Finland.

Eric “Mean” Melin, KC Regional Champion of 2011, Movie Critic on Central Standard Friday
Mike “StackHammer” Stack, local contestant
Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, US Air Guitar Champion of 2011

The US Air Guitar Regional Championships will be taking place this Friday at the Beaumont Club in Westport at 9pm. More info here.

Last year, we did a live stream of an interview with some pretty big names in air guitar. Enjoy watching the magic on video at last.

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