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The University Of Kansas (City)?

May 14, 2012

UMKC is considering a name change to what it was back in the day. The university was founded in 1929 with the name The University of Kansas City. 

It changed to UMKC when the school joined the four-campus University of Missouri system almost 50 years ago.

UMKC Chancellor Leo Morton told The Kansas City Star that the idea has been tossed about for years, but says a name change would lessen confusion between UMKC and its big brother 2 hours to the east, the University of Missouri - Columbia, best known as "Mizzou." Morton told The Star that the name change would better identify the university with its mission to be a model urban research university that’s actively engaged with its city and region. Other Missouri universities have made similar moves: the University of Missouri - Rolla changed its name to Missouri University of Science and Technology and Mizzou dropped "Columbia" from its name to supposedly avoid confusion with Missouri State University.

In the first segment of Monday's Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks about the possible name change with Chancellor Leo Morton, and Anne Spenner, the university's vice chancellor for marketing and communications.

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