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A Unique Approach To Serving Homeless Veterans

Jan 2, 2013

Arthur Fillmore has spent more than thirty years closing the deal in corporate mergers and acquisitions in his professional life as an attorney. But for two decades he’s been unsuccessful in realizing the wish he’s held as a military veteran . . . until now.

On 24 acres on the east side of Kansas City, work has begun on the St. Michael’s Veterans Center.  When finished it will provide what Fillmore envisioned . . . one location where homeless vets can find quality housing and social services.  When completed the Center will be a unique model on providing assistance for veterans.

On Thursday's Up to Date Steve Kraske talks with Art Fillmore to find out how the pieces finally came together and how he was able to hold onto a dream for twenty years.  Joining them is Jonathan Cohn of The Yarco Company, Inc. to explain the work currently underway at the site and what is on the building schedule in the months ahead.

For more information on St. Michael's Veterans Center, visit kcveterans.org

To learn more about the local Stand Downs, visit kcstanddown.org

For information on transitioning from military to civilian life, visit vetnethq.com

To help a homeless vet, call (877) 4-AIDE VET or (877) 424-3838.

Contributions can be mailed to: P.O. Box 413162, Kansas City, MO, 64141-3162

Arthur Fillmore has been an attorney with Levy & Craig since 2004 practicing in the areas of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, and Corporate Finance among others. Art is credited with developing a legal practice dedicated to developing renewable fuels. His accomplishments include guiding clients in creating ethanol plants in Iowa and Illinois and biodiesel plants in Kansas City, KS, Belize and southern California. Personally, Fillmore is dedicated to veterans' causes and is a decorated veteran himself. He served in the U.S. Army as a forward observer in the 25th Infantry Division and later as a U.S. Army nuclear weapons advisor to the Belgian Air Force. Art is the founder and co-chairman of Heart of America Stand Down Foundation since 1992.

Jonathan Cohn serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Yarco Companies.  Started in 1923, Yarco is a multi-disciplinary real estate management and development firm. The Company specializes in multi-family housing. A third-generation partner in the Yarco family firm, Mr. Cohn has shared responsibility for the operation of more than 100 businesses, and leads the firm’s four main divisions of property management, development, brokerage, and construction services. Mr. Cohn and Yarco's Chairman (and Jonathan's father), Clifton R. Cohn, resurrected a dormant not-for-profit, Phoenix Family Housing, to improve the quality of life for underprivileged people residing in affordable housing communities – they now deliver more than 100,000 positive “Moments of Impact” annually to those in need.