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Union Station Wants Upgrades, Tax Credits

Nov 8, 2012

Union Station's board of directors says the 98-year-old landmark has turned the corner financially and it's time for some improvements.


The city council votes today on endorsing $5 million in tax breaks to help make that happen.


Union Station CEO George Guastello told a council committee it's a different day from when Science City struggled to support the massive 98-year-old landmark. And what made the difference is that the office space at station is now 100 percent occupied.


“Now the building is supporting itself," he said, " and now the science center can grow and do what it needs to do and that is to inspire and educate students and make them math and science proficient.”


The $10.7 million project include improvements to visitor access, a festival area, a multipurpose area with an expanded 3-D, interactive digital theater, and visitor access improvements.


The city's permission is required for station officials to apply for the $5 million in state tax credits.

Update: Thursday, November 8, 2012

The council on Thursday gave its final approval for Union Station officials to apply for $5 million in Missouri tax credits to help pay for planned improvements.