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Two Teens Named In NE KC Murder

Mar 3, 2011

KANSAS CITY, MO. – Two teenage men have been arrested and charged in the Monday murder of Northeast Kansas City community activist Yuri Ives. Charges say he was robbed, shot and stabbed to death.

Inattention to detail appears to have tripped up the alleged killers.

Witnesses told police they heard two loud bangs Monday night in the 500 block of Gladstone Boulevard where Ives lived. Only ten minutes earlier a neighbor said Ives had phoned to say he needed to give a car ride to someone.

After the shots, two neighbors chased away a man on foot, then found Ives dead on the floor of his house.

Detectives followed footprints in snow to find a knife. The victim's cell phone, wallet and handgun were missing.

Police think one of the killers left his own cell phone behind and data it gave up led to a search of one suspect's apartment in the 7200 block of North Jefferson in Kansas City North.

A computer at the home of one suspect showed emails were traded between one suspect and the victim, planning a meeting.

Cell phone texts gave away information that led to arrests of and charges against 17 year old Ali Cubba and 18 year old Zachary Kimbrell. Bond for each is set at a half million dollars.