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Two Life Terms For Teen Who Murdered Cousin

Apr 2, 2012

An 18-year-old Cass County, Missouri man, connected to a murder by footprints in snow, has been sentenced today to two consecutive life terms.

There will be no parole for Reyes Olivas.

Court testimony showed 14 year old Katie Rios was on the phone to her parents, screaming for help as she was being stabbed fifteen times, January 7th of 2010.

The killer was her 16 year old cousin. There was evidence the cousins had been arguing while her parents were out. 

Olivas was tracked by shoeprints left in snow from the South Hess Road house on the edge of Harrisonville.  Olivas was arrested three miles away. 

Detectives said when they questioned the defendant, Olivas told them his cousin has called him stupid after the argument had quieted.

The 8- to 12-inch butcher knife used to kill Katie Rios was found in a dresser drawer, where Olivas said he’d put it.