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Tuberculosis Confirmed In Johnson County

Nov 7, 2013

State and local health officials have confirmed a case of tuberculosis in Johnson County, Kan. A patient who was treated at Overland Park Regional Medical Center last September has an active case of the airborne disease.

Officials say spread of the disease requires very close contact with an infected person, so it’s highly unlikely that it has spread to anyone else. Health officials have identified about 100 people who need to be tested for TB, as a precaution.

“Anyone who does have tuberculosis infection as a result of this, we will be offering treatment to them, and strongly encouraging that they be treated,” said Phil Griffin, head of the Kansas Tuberculosis Control Program.

The patient is reported to be in isolation, and responding well to treatment. Another case of TB was diagnosed about a month ago in a student at Washburn University, in Topeka, Kan.