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Truck Pillow Eases Blow Of Crash

May 30, 2012

The simple science of a shock absorbing bumper undoubtedly saved drivers of two trucks from grave injuries this afternoon on I-70 some 60 miles east of Kansas City.  That’s the summation from MoDOT.

The yellow State of Missouri dump truck was behind a paint striping crew, said Steve Porter of the highway agency.  He said the truck was there for protection, the compressible box slung from the rear with enough flashing lights and signage to alert traffic coming up from the East.

But a tractor trailer hit the slower moving truck at an unknown speed.  Porter said the bumper, known as an impact attenuator, compressed as designed--“those truck-mounted attenuators do a great job of cushioning a collision from behind.”

Porter said the woman behind the wheel of the highway department truck was treated for bruises and abrasions.

There was no report available on the driver of the other truck.

Westbound I 70 was closed near Concordia for more than two hours, opening and reclosing periodically to allow congestion to ebb and wreckage to be towed.