Truancy Curfew Plan Revived | KCUR

Truancy Curfew Plan Revived

Apr 20, 2012

Kansas City councilman Scott Wagner forced a proposed truancy curfew out of limbo yesterday.  The council is now scheduled to vote on it in two weeks.

The council public safety committee opted this week to hold the truancy curfew ordinance until July unless someone called it to the council floor sooner. And Wagner did.

Wagner says it's hard to understand the resistance to a plan that has lower parental fines than the existing night-time curfew – and has options to the fines. 

“We even offer community service options, and we offer the option to get into other sorts of support services as part of sentencing, which if I'm not mistaken is not even in the night-time curfew,” he continued.

Some council members say their constituents oppose the plan, but the only organized show of citizen opposition, though a persistent one, has been the homeschooling community.