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Top Stories of the Week

Kansas City, MO –

  • Huckabee gets surprise 60-23 win in Kansas GOP Caucuses.
  • Sprint-Nextel headquarters to consolidate in Overland Park.
  • Funkhouser calls for $50 million cut in city budget, more for streets repairs.
  • Emke appointment will ease logjam in KC municipal court.
  • KC community leaders rally against amendment to end affirmative action.
  • Disqualification of female basketball referee prompts gender bias charges.
  • MO House passes bill to restore tax deductions for Kansans who work in Missouri.
  • MO Senate bills would end motorcycle helmet law, campaign contribution limits.
  • Kansas Senate passes bill to allow coal-fired power plants without emissions controls.
  • Veto and federal investigation threats to coal-fired Kansas plants