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Top Stories of the Week

Kansas City, MO –

  • Sebelius delivers Democratic response to Bush State of Union Address.
  • Presidential candidates stump Kansas, Missouri for Super-Tuesday.
  • Hulshof in Missouri race for governor, Gaw will run to replace him in US House.
  • Stephen Six takes office as Kansas Attorney General.
  • Group seeks recall election for KC mayor Funkhouser.
  • NAACP urges firing of officers in Salva miscarriage controversy.
  • SCLC endorses Ortega as Frances Semler replacement.
  • Minutemen convene in Kansas City as civil rights coalition marches outside.
  • Bush promotes economic stimulus package is speech at Hallmark.
  • 400 Kansas City layoffs planned by H & R Block mortgage unit.
  • YRC Worldwide reports 3/4-billion quarterly loss.
  • Sprint-Nextel to write off 30 billion in "goodwill."