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Nov 30, 2012

The plot of an already bizarre murder case took another turn, and Mo.'s Democratic governor finally endorsed expanding Medicaid. But the area story that got national attention was about a couple who won the lottery.

Platte County Couple Wins Powerball Millions

More than $290 million is the lump-sum payout for the Powerball jackpot won by Cindy and Mark Hill of Dearborn, in Platte County. Cindy Hill said her first reaction when she saw she had the winning ticket was one of disbelief. She's a laid off office worker, her husband is a mechanic.

The Hills said they would first attend to family matters: Christmas, college funds and missed vacations. Later, they say, they will invest in best interests of the area they live in, and probably give some of the money to a Chinese adoption agency through which they adopted their daughter.

Hospital-backed Study Concludes Medicaid Expansion Makes Sense

On Thursday, the Missouri Hospital Association and the Missouri Association for Health released the results of a University of Missouri study on the effects of expanding Medicaid .

The report said the expansion would have the strongest positive effect on the state's economy of any program lawmakers have voted on in a decade. It predicts that the expansion under the national health care law would create over 20,000 jobs and a revenue stream that would pay the state's expenses of 10 percent of the cost after the first three years, while extend health care to coverage to more than 150,000 of people who have none.

Battle Looms As Nixon Endorses Medicaid Expansion

The following day, Democratic governor Jay Nixon's endorsed the expansion. Nixon said Missourians would otherwise pay taxes to support the program but the money would go to other states. He also said the healthcare law passed and withstood the test of challenges before the Supreme Court and it is now time to decide how to implement the law in the best interests of the citizens.

But Republican House Speaker Tim Jones called the proposed expansion an unaffordable step toward unwanted bigger government. Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder implied that Nixon wouldn't have been reelected if he had even hinted that he would consider such a thing.

To the surprise of many the very conservative Missouri Chamber of Commerce weighed in in favor of the Medicaid expansion.

Guilty Plea Retracted In Prayer Group Murder Case

The attorney for Micah Moore, who confessed to killing Bethany Deaton, a member of his prayer group, told a judge that confession was the product of a disturbed mind. Attorney Melanie Mortgan called Moore's admission “bizarre, nonsensical and most of all, untrue.”

Defendant Moore had told officers he murdered the woman after her husband had told him to do so. Though Moore now denies that, prosecutors say they will seek a grand jury murder indictment against him.

Fifth Person Charged In Independence Home Invasion Killings

In another high profile crime case, a fifth person was arrested and charged in an Independence home invasion that left three people dead and a 12-year-old boy critically wounded. All five said they were innocent

Time Warner Introduces Low-cost Internet, Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Time Warner announced a new low-cost Internet plan for families in 9 local school districts, and unveiled 14 area Wi-Fi hotspots and a bargain business WiFi program. The hotspots will be usable by Time Warner subscribers or at an hourly rate.

Hostes Gets Liquidation Permission, Has Many Suitors

Hostess Brands was given permission to liquidate and said it had over 110 prospective buyers for the bankrupt bakery company's assets.

Secret Santa Cash Heattens Superstorm Sandy Victims

Kansas City's “Secret Santa” warmed hearts by giving away $100 bills in Superstorm Sandy-ravaged areas of New York and New Jersey. The businessman who took over the Christmas cash program when founder Larry Stewart died said he hoped the sprinkling of cash would inspire others in the east coast area to join in storm relief efforts.