Top Of The Morning News: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apr 25, 2012

The Missouri Senate passes a budget restoring money to blind pensions and giving raises to some employees.  The Kansas City Repertory Theatre presents ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’  It’s a daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

Missouri Senate Passes State Budget

The Missouri Senate passed a $24 billion state budget early this morning, following several hours of debate and closed-door negotiations.  The Senate spending plan for FY2013 directly challenges the Missouri House's position on blind pensions.  By a narrow margin, Senators restored $28 million in state funding cut by the House last month, while leaving in $18 million in federal Medicaid dollars. Read more here.

Man-Eating Plant Rocks KC Rep's 'Little Shop of Horrors'

When first introduced in 1960, Little Shop of Horrors was a cheesy, low-budget movie about a meek floral shop apprentice who accidentally cultivates a man-eating plant.  Since it was turned into a musical in 1982, it's played both Broadway and, of late,  high school auditoriums everywhere. So when some wondered why Kansas City Repertory Theatre put it on its schedule, the answer was found in the resourceful crew who work behind the scenes.   Find out more here.