Top Of The Morning News: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oct 23, 2012

Opponents and supporters of Proposition B on the Missouri ballot speak out.  The Chiefs welcome Quinn as starting quarterback.  That & more news from KCUR.

Hereford House Arson And Fraud Trial Begins

Testimony and evidence have started to flow out of the arson and fraud trial stemming from the 2008 fire that destroyed a well known Kansas City restaurant. The U.S. District Court trial of Hereford House operator Rod Anderson and two purported arsonists draws  so much interest the gallery is without a spare seat.  Find out more of the details here.

Clearing The Smoke On Proposition B

Missouri currently has the lowest cigarette tax in the country. Now, a measure on this November’s ballot proposes changing that, raising it for the first time in two decades.  Find out more here.

Kansas City Rep’s 'Irma Vep' Dependent On Clothes Encounters

The Kansas City Repertory Theatre's latest production, The Mystery of Irma Vep, features eight characters of both sexes, including the Lord and Lady Hillcrest, their maid and butler, and a couple of surprise visitors.  Because the license for the show stipulates that it can only be cast with two actors of the same gender, it requires a dizzying amount of split second costume changes that depend on both a skillful designer and dressers with laser focus.  Read more and see the pictures here.

Republican Nominee for Missouri Governor Carries On Without Big Name

Republican nominee for governor Dave Spence made a campaign stop in Missouri’s capital but did so without the big name slated to introduce him.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker canceled a series of appearances with Spence following a deadly shooting at a Milwaukee-area salon.  Spence agreed with Walker’s decision and carried on without him.  Find out more here.

Quinn Is In As Chiefs’ Quarterback

Matt Cassel is out and Brady Quinn is in as starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Coach Romeo Crennel made the announcement on Monday.  Read more about Crennel’s decision here.

Akin On ‘Dog’ Comment: Everybody Knew What I Meant

Republican Congressman Todd Akin is defending his statement comparing his opponent, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, to a dog  that fetches taxes and regulations from D.C. and brings them back to Missouri.  Find out more about his comments here.