Top Of The Morning News: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 15, 2011
  • Kansas School Districts Examine New Funding Formula
  • Local Poultry Producers In A Bind
  • Blunt Says Failed Balance Budget Amendment Typical

Kansas School Districts Examine New Funding Formula

Kansas school districts are digesting a sweeping school finance plan proposed today by Governor Sam Brownback.  He promises no district will lose state funds via the proposal, which is designed to give local boards a freer hand in spending. It would also allow districts to raise property taxes.  KCUR’s Dan Verbeck has more from local districts here.

Local Poultry Producers In A Bind

Just as the local foods movement is growing legs in the Midwest, a key piece of infrastructure is struggling.  Many small poultry processing plants have closed, in large part because of  challenges finding laborers and making a profit. Without the plants, small farmers say they won't be able to provide meat to local grocery stores and farmers markets.  Read more here.

Blunt Says Failed Balanced Budget Amendment Typical Of Senate

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says the failure of two balanced-budget amendments today shows Senate Democrats aren’t serious about dealing with the deficit.  The defeat of both bills – one from Democrats, one from Republicans – ends the current push to force a yearly balanced budget from Congress.  Blunt, who voted for the Republican-backed bill, says the fact that neither party could pass their amendment speaks to the heart of the Senate’s dysfunction.   Find out more here.