Top Of The Morning News: May 30, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013

A new system help keep cell phone users in the loop about tornadoes and other emergencies.  Kansas early childhood programs could face cuts under current budget plans being debated.  The Missouri House Speaker tours the state publicizing legislative accomplishments this year.

New System Warns Cell Phone Users Of Tornadoes, Other Emergencies

People in the path of severe weather (and other emergencies) now have a new way to find out about threats: text message alerts, sent straight to mobile devices.  Susan Buchanan of the National Weather Service, one the federal organizations behind the alerts, said the new system was a response to the rapid development of mobile technology in recent years.  Listen to more about the alerts here.

Kansas Early Childhood Programs Face Potential Shortfall

As Kansas lawmakers continue to search for common ground on a budget, an advocacy group says the long-term future of early childhood programs is at stake. So far, the competing versions of a state budget for 2014 have all included Governor Sam Brownback’s plan to transfer $9.5 million dollars from the Children’s Initiative Fund to the State General Fund. 

Missouri House Speaker Delivers Legislative Report Card

A few weeks after the end of the 2013 legislative session, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones offered a report card to Springfield residents. It was one of 17 planned stops this week throughout southern Missouri. Jones touted several legislative comments the approval of bills for paycheck protection, prevailing wage, and reform of the financially troubled Second Injury Fund.  Find out more here.

Debra Bluford Reflects On Her Career At The American Heartland Theatre

New theater companies and performance spaces are increasingly popping up in Kansas City. So when the American Heartland Theatre announced it was closing its doors in August, it was a startling development, especially to an actor like Debra Bluford, who has spent a good deal of her acting life there.  Since the Heartland opened in 1987, she has done seventeen shows there, becoming in that span an above-the-title performer audiences expect to see a couple times a year. Find out more about her career here.