Top Of The Morning News: May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

Kansas lawmakers return to Topeka hoping to resolve differences in tax and budget bills.  Protestors gathered throughout the country objecting to use of genetically modified foods.

Kansas Lawmakers Return To Topeka To Finish Session

Kansas lawmakers return to Topeka Tuesday to dive back into the contentious debate over budget and tax bills. .  Lawmakers had planned to wrap up the legislative in 80-days instead of the mandated 90-days.  Instead, the session has run long like it has in most recent years.  Find out more here.

People Gather With Anti-GMO Message

Protesters gathered in cities across the country Saturday to protest what they call "big agribusiness" and the prevalence of genetically modified foods.  Organizers say more than 250 cities throughout the world held similar protests.  Find out more here.