Top Of The Morning News: May 23, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

Missouri’s lobbying system is not as open as you think.  The Kansas City council will vote on extending red light cameras. An artist explore the city in a new exhibition.  Tom Watson sets his sights on another championship.

Why Missouri's Lobbying System Isn't As Open As You'd Think

Missouri is one of the few states without restrictions on lobbying. It’s one of the reasons we're always near the bottom of the pack in ethics rankings.People who defend the system say Missouri is a reporting state, not a restricting state. The logic goes that our no-limits system is fine, because it's easy to find out who is giving and who is receiving.  Find out why it can be difficult out where the money is going here.

Council To Vote On 5 Year Extension For Red Light Cameras

The Kansas City city council is set to vote on extending the red-light camera program for another 5 years. And though public opinion on the cameras is divided, a council committee had no doubts.  Find out more about the vote here.

Artists Explore The City As Labyrinth In 'rises Zora'

The Charlotte Street Foundation is currently presenting a month-long multimedia project that features nearly 40 artists who, in their own way, address how the Kansas City's layout is both influential, essential, and an ever-mysterious labyrinth.   For the past eight months, Jamilee Polson Lacy has served as the Charlotte Street Foundation's guest curator-in-residence, putting her own stamp on three exhibitions. She's about to head home to Chicago and her farewell show is an ambitious project called rises Zora, inspired by Italo Calvino's classic novel Invisible Cities.  Read more here.

Watson Has Eyes On Another Senior PGA Championship

Because of a hand injury last year, Tom Watson was unable to defend the last tournament he won, the Senior PGA Championship. But he’s healthy now and in the frame of mind to win another championship.  Find out more here.