Top Of The Morning News: July 11, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: July 11, 2013

Jul 11, 2013

Veterans get educational benefits and other protections under new legislation.  A sexual assault case in Maryville goes unresolved.  The Kansas City Charter commission might go past July deadline to do the job right.

Gov. Nixon Signs New Laws For Veterans

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed several pieces of legislation on Wednesday aimed to benefit veterans and their families on a tour that included stops at Cape Giardeau and Springfield.  One bill requires licensing boards to accept military training and education for licensing requirements.

Sexual Assault In Maryville Goes Unresolved

In a case that resembles several other high-profile sexual assault charges across the U.S., a 17-year-old Maryville High School senior, Matthew Barnett, was arrested for sexually assaulting Daisy Coleman, then leaving her propped up beside her family’s home. Another Maryville High senior, Jordan Zech, 17, was also charged in the case. But the difference between this case and others Barnett and Zech are free today.

Spreading Virus Kills Hundreds of Thousands of Pigs

A virus new to the United States is spreading through farms hundreds of thousands of baby pigs.  Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus has spread to 15 states, though to only about 300 farms as of early July, infecting a small percentage of U.S. pigs.  

Charter Commission Takes As Long As Needed

The commission assigned the job of deciding whether the City Charter for Kansas city, Mo. needs change heard an admonition Wednesday from a longtime civic activist. The 13 member panel appointed by the Mayor has a tentative plan to do its job on changes in form of government by end of July but sentiment about the timeline seems to have shifted.