Top Of The Morning News: January 3, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: January 3, 2013

Jan 3, 2013

A new report finds Missouri is missing out on $2 billion in tax revenues because it does not tax internet purchases. Clay Chastain presents an ultimatum and threatens to petition for a recall of the mayor.

Missouri Missing Out On Internet Sales Tax Dollars

A report issued by the University of Missouri’s Truman School of Public Affairs says that averages out to around $468 million a year.  Missouri Democrats  plan to introduce a bill to change that.  Read more here.

Activist Clay Chastain Presents Ultimatum

Chastain says he's giving the city 60 days to schedule his light rail plan for a public vote or he will start circulating petitions to recall Mayor Sly James. The transit activist says it is time for political pressure on City Hall because he got enough petition signatures two years ago for a vote on his plan, but the city council waylaid it and passed plans for a two-mile streetcar line.  Find out more here.

Blunt Condemn Russian Law Banning U.S. Adoptions

The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed a bi-partisan resolution condemning a newly passed Russian law that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children. The ban is retaliation for U.S. sanctions against Russian officials accused of human rights violations.  Missouri Republican Roy Blunt introduced the resolution condemning the ban.  Read more here.