Top Of The Morning News: February 5, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: February 5, 2013

Feb 5, 2013

Missouri looks at proposals to monitor prescription drugs.  A Kansas Senate committee considers school funding lawsuit.  A new formula to fund higher education in Missouri is proposed.

Missouri Looks At Monitoring Prescription Drugs

A prescription drug monitoring program would create a database in which pharmacies could submit the names of doctors prescribing certain medications and the patients receiving them. Doctors and pharmacists would have access to the database, as would law enforcement with a subpoena.  Efforts to establish a program failed last year in Jefferson City, but this year, one of the main opponents is sponsoring a bill.  Read more here.

Missouri Bar Recommends Changes For Criminal Justice System

The task force was called to tackle an outdated and overburdened criminal justice system that has led to crowded prisons, backlogged cases, and public defenders’ offices closing their doors.  One recommendation is to remove public defenders from any probation and parole violation cases except for those cases where representation is constitutionally required.  Find out more here.

Missouri Senate Debates Second Injury Fund

The Missouri Senate spent more than two hours debating legislation that would keep the state’s ailing Second Injury Fund alive.   The proposal being considered would raise fees that businesses currently pay into the fund while placing restrictions on future claims.    Read more here.

Kansas Senate Committee Reviews School Funding LawsuitsAbout eight years ago, a lawsuit ended with an agreement to increase spending on students in Kansas, but lawmakers cut back when the economy slowed, rekindling the legal battle. Legislators could soon start work on a constitutional amendment, so only they will be able to determine what is a suitable level of funding.  Learn more here.

Proposed Higher Education Funding Formula Released in Missouri
A joint House-Senate panel is recommending performance play a role in how much money Missouri’s colleges and universities get from the state each year.  The proposed formula includes performance measurement in such things as student enrollment, the number of research programs, and public service to the surrounding community or state.   Read more about the proposal here.