Top Of The Morning News: February 11, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: February 11, 2013

Feb 11, 2013

Kansas City Board of Trade prepares for a move.  The Kansas City area has been hit hard by the flu but there are some positive signs.  Kansas GOP leaders are trying to wrap up the legislative session in 80 days, but some Democrats are worried that won’t be enough time.

Technology Chips Away At Influence Of Prominent Ag Towns

Since 1856, for instance, wheat has been traded on the floor of the Kansas City Board of Trade. In the old days, there would be a swarm of traders around the pits, shouting orders, making those crazy hand signals you've seen in the movies, but that will end later this summer.  The CME Group, which bought the Kansas City Board of Trade in October 2012, announced Feb. 4 that it will move all wheat trading to Chicago.  Learn more here.

Region Hit Hard By Flu

The flu is widespread in Kansas and Missouri. It has been an especially rough season, but some say relief may be on the way.  Learn more here.

Smith GOP Candidate In Missouri 8th

Jason Smith will be the Republican candidate to replace Jo Ann Emerson in southeastern Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District.  The 32-year old from Salem emerged over more seasoned politicians like Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, former Bill and Jo Ann Emerson staffer Lloyd Smith and former state Senator Jason Crowell.  Find out more about how he came into the candidacy here.

Can Lawmakers Wrap 2013 Session in 80 Days?

It's about a month into the 2013 legislative session, but the top Democrat in the House is questioning if lawmakers will be able to wrap up in 80 days as planned. Representative Paul Davis, a Lawrence Democrat, says legislators will soon need to decide if they'll support the governor's tax proposal or perhaps create their own proposal.  Find out more here.