Top Of The Morning News: April 30, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: April 30, 2013

Apr 30, 2013

A Missouri Senate committee puts restrictions on  doctors who prescribe Ru-486 or other drugs that induce abortions.  The Missouri House rejects the state Senate’s budget.  A local couple makes a $2.5 million gift to KU Hospital for patient support.

Bill Restricting Use Of Abortion-Inducing Drugs Passes Missouri Senate Committee

A Missouri Senate Committee has passed legislation that puts restrictions on the use of abortion-inducing drugs.   The bill would require the prescribing doctor to be physically present whenever a patient takes RU-486 or any other medication designed to terminate a pregnancy.  Supporters say it’s designed to prevent so-called “web-cam abortions,” in which a doctor at another location instructs the patient on taking the medicine.  Find out more about the legislation here.

Missouri House Rejects Senate’s Budget

The Missouri House has formally rejected the Senate version of the state budget, setting the stage for final negotiations over the state’s spending plan for next year.  Among the bones of contention is the rejection by the Senate of $20 million in federal funding from the Department of Homeland Security, which happened as part of the backlash over the document scanning controversy.  Find out more here.

Missouri Senate Votes To Overhaul Prevailing Wage

The Missouri Senate has passed a House bill that would overhaul the state’s prevailing wage for public works projects.   Under current state law, the prevailing wage paid to workers of a certain trade is calculated based on surveys from contractors on a public works project.  The bill approved by the Senate last night would instead require wage surveys to be split between union and non-union employers, and the prevailing wage would be set by the group that reported more hours of work.   Read more here.

Should You Be Talking To Your Plants?

As climate change continues to wreak havoc on weather patterns, crop scientists have been working to engineer plants better suited to extremes. But some researchers think we might be overlooking plants’ own solutions. And that plant-talking neighbor? He just might be on to something.  Learn more about the research  here.

$2.5 million Gift for Patient Support at KU Hospital

A Leawood couple has donated $2.5 million to expand a patient-support program at the University of Kansas Cancer Center.  A cancer diagnosis can be a bewildering event.  Having a trained professional to guide the way can make a huge difference.  That’s why Tom and Teresa Walsh are putting up the money to fund five, experienced nurse navigators at the KU Cancer Center.  Find out more about the Walsh’s experience with cancer here.