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Time for the Olive Branch: Brownback

Apr 14, 2011

Mission, KS – There needs to be less animosity between Kansas City, Missouri and the State of Kansas over the lure of businesses from one to the other. It was a frequent complaint during the recent K-C Mayor's race.

The Governor talked about it in Mission, Kansas this afternoon and KCUR's Dan Verbeck was there.

It's not a targeted raid to seduce companies to move, says Brownback. It's just the incentives Kansas can and does offer when approached by what amounts to corporation head-hunters.

He told reporters he understands the ill will and will see how he can change that, for mutual benefit.

The Governor put it this way-- " I would submit on something like KU med center and increasing its rankings because I think we need a first class medical school in the Kansas City area to grow the bio sciences . And that needs to be a very cooperative effort from both sides of the line."

Brownback was in Mission signing a telecom bill touted as good for business and the consumer. Although some consumer advocates say the deregulation will hurt some smaller customers in rural Kansas by higher rates.