11:57 am
Fri June 25, 2010

Three to See

Film critics Cynthia Haines and Steve Walker discuss the latest in art, independent, foreign and documentary films playing in area theaters.

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Favorite Art, Independent and Foreign
Films of the Week

Cynthia Haines' Picks

Winter's Bone


Mother and Child

Steve Walker's Picks

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Winter's Bone

Please Give

More from Steve Walker:

Ondine (PG13)

Director Neil Jordan ("The Crying Game") attempts to blend Irish mythology, drug crimes, and a disabled child and the results, while atmospheric, are three incompatible strains that ultimately dilute one another. But Colin Farrell reminds us he's quite a good actor, playing here a recovering alcoholic fisherman in a quaint Irish village who pulls in his net one morning to discover a barely breathing woman. The film keeps the audience guessing, but largely focuses on the possibility that she is a Selkie, a half-woman, half-seal creature that is a staple of Irish folk tales of the sea. Lovely to look at, but tough to completely sweep you away.