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Technology And The Science Of Fighting Crime

Oct 16, 2013

Credit Fabio Pozzebom / Wikimedia

Crime, every community suffers from some kind of it—whether it’s shoplifting a candy bar, defrauding a bank or dealing drugs as a member of a gang.

Kansas City is no stranger to violent crime, in fact Kansas City as of 2011 ranked as the 18th most violent city in the United States, according to FBI statistics. But the science of crime fighting is always changing.

Technology presents incredible opportunities for police forces to combat crime, using big data and video documentation to make connections and record events as they occurred. But, how do we keep police forces accountable with these new tools of crime fighting?

Tuesday on Central Standard a look at crime fighting and how Kansas City is at the forefront of this social science.


  • Charles Katz, Ph.D is a professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Ariz. He is also the Director for the Center for Violence Protection and Community Safety.