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A Tale Of Short Cow Tails, Launch KC Hopes To Attract IT Startups

Sep 24, 2012

The show for Sunday, September 23, and Monday, September 24:

Here’s The Short Story On Cow Tails
Many people who haven’t stepped foot on a dairy might think milking a cow is a sort of Emersonian back-to-the land moment, where a milker bonds with his or her cow while communing with nature. Just milk her for a while and voilà: fresh, creamy milk. But the truth is, milking can be a very dirty job.

Launch KC Hopes To Attract IT Startups
Part of the hype that’s come with Google Fiber is how great the super-fast internet speed could be for IT businesses. But is Google Fiber enough to attract the world’s high-tech entrepreneurs to Kansas City, especially when the technology will probably spread to other cities within the next few years? Last week, local business leaders and politicians proposed a plan called Launch KC to sweeten the pot for potential new IT companies. 

Setting A New Beat At The Kansas City Symphony
Aram Demirjian joined the Kansas City Symphony as the new assistant conductor for the 2012-13 season. In this role, Demirjian conducts the Family and Pops Series concerts and other select concerts.  

Irrigation Helps Crops This Year, Farmers Worry About Next
Nebraska irrigates more acres of farmland than any other state in the nation. Kansas is also near the top. And that irrigation infrastructure helped some Midwestern farmers keep the drought at bay this year. Their fields stayed green long after others withered away, but using so much water now may force some farmers to use less water in the future.

Revising History: The Native American Missions in Kansas
Sitting on the Old Santa Fe Trail, the town of Shawnee Mission was originally that: a mission for members of the Shawnee tribe who were transplanted from their native territory.  The story of federal Indian policy and missions is a tale of clashing cultural perspectives.

My Farm Roots: From Pastime To Passion
Aaron Troester’s life both did, and didn’t, turn out exactly the way he planned.  The 29-year-old farmer in the north-central Nebraska town of O’Neill spends a lot of time pouring honey into jars from bees he keeps.  He has a chemistry degree and had planned to go to medical school, but the lure of the land he farms with his father changed his mind.

Kansas City Rep Brings ‘Pippin’ Into The 21st Century
The journey of a young prince is the subject of the musical Pippin, which opens the Kansas City Repertory Theatre's 48th season this week.  It’s been 40 years since the original Broadway production – and the creative team behind the Rep’s show is hell-bent on bridging the cultural gap between the music and dance of the early '70s and the contemporary styles of today.