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Taking the What Out Of WWW Crime

Jan 4, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – If Kansas City police have their way, the public will be able to venture into a website that is useful rather than merely a clutter of information bits. The site is new as the new year.

To traverse the old site was like a mariner navigating a thousand small islands without a map or compass or a gps. Captain Rich Lockhart wanted a clickable alphabet to open links and pages, as do many college sites. He got it-- "crime reports are a big one. How do I make a police reports are a big one. What patrol division station do I live in? Those are all the big ones. But what we also wanted to do was to tell them, how do you not become a victim of a crime?"

This site is supposed to help the less computer literate, without sacrificing good graphics and features to please the cyber savvy. The old site had no counter to tally 'hits'. The new will assist analysts learning which information and presentations are attractive, popular or instructional.