Synthetic Drug, Tobacco Enforcement Measure Sails Through City Council

Feb 1, 2013

An ordinance allowing the city of Kansas City, Mo. to suspend or revoke the tobacco-sales licenses of stores  which sell illegal synthetic drugs or sell cigarettes to minors sailed through a final city council vote yesterday.

In a recent test by the city, minors were able to purchase tobacco products in 56 out of 99 convenience stores and gas stations.  Co-sponsor of the new law, John Sharp, had a message for business operators who ignore the minimum tobacco age.

“I would suggest to those businesses who may think, 'Well, this isn't serious so let's see what happens,' it's not going to be a question of 'if.'  It's just a question of when we will have a tester go there,” Sharp said. “So, they would be well advised to start following the law today.”

Ordinance co-sponsor, Scott Wagner, said the state of Missouri used to be responsible for enforcing the tobacco laws with 22 inspectors, but it has reduced the number to two.