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Suicide And The Digital Afterlife

Aug 27, 2013

Credit Valentin Casarsa / istockphoto - CC

Whenever a loved one dies, those left behind suffer for that loss, but when that loved one chose to take his or her own life, how do friends and family recover?  In 2009 deaths from suicide surpassed those in motor vehicle accidents. There were more than 30,000 that year.  And in a society that lives much of its life online through social media, what happens to one’s digital self after suicide? Is it acceptable to “defriend the dead,” or is social media a good way for us to cope with the loss of our loved ones?

Tuesday's Central Standard explores the prevalence of suicide in our communities, addresses the warning signs and explores the online profiles of the deceased and what they say about them and us. 


  • Marcia Epstein, Director of Headquarters Counseling Center
  • Natalie Pennington, PhD Student at Department of Communication Studies at KU
  •  Bonnie Swade, Head of Suicide Awareness Survivor Support Kansas City