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Still Alive at 75!

Aug 4, 2016

Singer Aaron Neville just turned 75 this week, and to celebrate he performed a concert in New York…and coming up, the celebration continues. He’ll be singing on Cyprus Avenue too.

Track List:

Aaron Neville -           "Be Your Man"                                               5:42

          "Hercules"                                                       4:10

          "I Know I’ve Been Changed"                        3:36

           "All Of The Above"                                        3:58

          "It Feels Like Rain"                                        4:56

           "I Wanna Love You"                                     3:50

           "This Magic Moment/True Love"              4:26

           "Meeting At The Building"                          2:43

The Neville Brothers -"Sittin’ In Limbo"                                         4:00

Aaron Neville -             "Under The Boardwalk"                              2:59

             “Tell It Like It Is”                                         3:00

             “Down By The Riverside”                          

Aaron Neville