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Sterling Witt: Upside-Down And Backwards

Nov 13, 2012

A  man who plays his guitar upside-down and backwards.  Sounds difficult, but it's also beautiful.


On Wednesday's Central Standard Americana Alt-Folk-Rocker Sterling Witt comes into the studio and shares tracks from his newest album "Sterling Loves U" recorded, mixed and mastered in just 23 hours.  Discover Witt's unconventional personality in his music and visual works.

  - November 24 at 9pm at the Uptown Arts Bar

Sterling Witt was born and raised in rural Cass county Missouri.  He plays his guitar not only left handed, but also doesn't inverse the strings as most left handed players do.  His newest album "Sterling Loves U" was recorded, mixed and mastered in just 23 hours in Gladstone, Missouri and also features local Kansas City drummer Allan Winkler.