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State To Take Public Comment On KanCare Changes

Jul 12, 2013

The Brownback Administration wants federal permission to make changes to the new, privatized Medicaid system known as KanCare.  You'll have a chance to comment on the plans next Monday and Tuesday, in Wichita and Topeka.

The biggest change would place long-term supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities under the control of the three insurance companies that run KanCare. That change can only happen next January as planned if federal officials approve. 

The state also wants permission to create three new pilot programs for Kansans who might otherwise be enrolled in Medicaid. One of them would offer up to 500 people who would otherwise be in their final year of Medicaid because of an increase in their income a debit card—if they agree to forgo Medicaid eligibility.  The card would be pre-loaded with $2,000 for health care expenses—renewable for three years. 

Anna Lambertson, of the Kansas Health Consumer Coalition, worries that people who opt for the $2,000 may end up regretting it.

“They’re using this debit card for premiums, co-pays, deductibles, other out-of-pocket costs. That doesn’t go very far,” says Lambertson.

The public comment sessions are Monday afternoon in Wichita, and Tuesday morning in Topeka.