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State Resumes Advising KCPS

Feb 23, 2012

While Missouri lawmakers consider dissolving, splitting up or changing the governance of Kansas City Public Schools, state education officials have resumed working with the district on regaining accreditation by the current deadline of 2014.  

District officials reported to the Department of Education yesterday for the first time since the loss of accreditation was announced in September.  The district had been collaborating intensely with the state for more than three years, but regional supervisor Tony Stansberry said that work was disrupted by the closing of schools. He says that the current administration has potential, and has been particularly cooperative.

"We think there's some good things going on," Stansberry said. "People don't get credit for some of the good things that they do.  It's just the system isn't working correctly. So if we can get that under control and maximize the potential this district has, we feel that, it can move forward." 

Stansberry said this may be the last opportunity to improve the school district.

"We don't know what the legislature is going to do.  They may change the governance law for us.  We'll figure out a way to work with that if it comes, but we're not going to wait for it.  We decided we need to start now."

District officials reported that they expect to regain at least two points towards accreditation this year, bringing the district to five. They need six points for provisional status, and nine for permanent accreditation.