State Lawmaker Pleads for Leniency for Fans Arrested on Faurot Field

Oct 28, 2010

Kansas City, MO – They're calling them the Faurot Field 30 on Facebook - the thirty people that were arrested for storming the field despite advance warnings on the PA-system not to do so after Missouri beat Oklahoma 36-27 on Saturday.

Thousands of fans came pouring out of the grandstands, tore down the goal-posts and generally went wild. One person suffered a broken leg.

Police arrested 30 people and charged them with trespassing, a class-B misdemeanor. And that has parents and Mizzou fans up in arms, creating an internet campaign to get the charges dropped.

Missouri State Senator Kurt Schafer joined their cause yesterday.

"Rather than charge these kids with a class-B misdemeanor and given them a criminal record, why not step up and exercise some reasonable discretion on behalf of the university and give them some sort of community service in exchange for dropping the charges so they don't have a record?" said Schafer.

But university officials and police say they have no choice because it's written university policy. They add the charges will be sent to municipal court.