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St. Agnes Music Director Fired Over Sexuality

Jun 4, 2006

Kansas City, MO – It's been a couple of weeks since Joe Nadeau's last day as musical director of the St Agnes Catholic Church in Roeland Park. Nadeau was fired because he refused to give up a leadership post with Kansas City based Heartland Men's Chorus, which is about to have a 20th anniversary concert the second weekend in June. In addition, the Church asked Nadeau to denounce homosexuality as deviant, and take a vow of celibacy. He refused. The pastor of St Agnes, Monsignor Gary Applegate said he could not discuss the matter because it was a personnel matter. It has been confirmed that Nadeau's contract will expire in June. He now has a new job at First Lutheran Church in Mission Hills, and was offered two other positions after his story came out in the Kansas City Star.

But to get a broader perspective on this story and some of the questions it raises we decided to bring in Tom Roberts, editor of the National Catholic Reporter, based here in Kansas City.