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SRS Provides Lawmakers With List of Budget Cuts

TOPEKA, Ks. – The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services has given lawmakers a list of budget cuts the agency will make. This week a legislative committee requested the information.

Some lawmakers have criticized how SRS is handling a $43 million reduction in state and federal funding.

To save money, SRS has proposed closing 10 local offices, reducing salary costs and delaying computer purchases. SRS Secretary Robert Siedlecki says he's satisfied with how the agency is handling the cuts.

"I think we're doing a great job with it. Remember, they gave us the cuts of $34 million. We didn't ask for them, but we will do our share," says Siedlecki. "But I'm asking them to work with us, if they have any ideas of what we could do better, I'm willing to partner with them. But again, to meet our objectives and make SRS more efficient and effective, we're going to have to make these cuts."

The list also includes $8 million in Medicaid savings. The agency is currently working on ways to make the health care program more efficient.

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