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Republican State Senator From Kansas Punished For Endorsing A Democrat

The punishment was swift for a Republican state senator who crossed party lines to endorse one of the six Democrats trying to unseat Congressman Kevin Yoder. Sen. Barbara Bollier, a moderate from Mission Hills, Wednesday morning threw her support behind educator Tom Niermann, one of six Democrats hoping to unseat Yoder come November.

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Squirrels Go Rogue

Mar 14, 2018

Midwesterners are used to seeing squirrels all over the place - in the woods, in cuisine (really) and in their front yards. But some species are leaving the Midwest for the west coast and abroad. And they're not making friends easily. 

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Music: Ryan Little, Podington Bear, the Beastly Boys, Le Profs De Skids, Circus Marcus; all have been edited for length.