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Spray Can Art

Small as a stencil on a sidewalk, or large as a full-scale painting on the side of a building wall: Spray can art can be found in a variety shapes and sizes, and is created with just as diverse a range of motivations.

Kansas City, MO – Join us for a conversation on the purpose, popularity and influence of street art, with a focus on the murals and graffiti that exist in our urban landscape.

GUESTS: Jim Prigoff, Author, photographer and lecturer on the subject of worldwide urban murals; Gear, Local Spray Can Artist.

"Sorry for the Miscommunication" is a show that celebrates the dialogue: between avant-garde street artists and fine-art gallery artists, Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, 2012 Baltimore, Kansas City, MO. May 1, First Friday: fashion show by Shawnee Mission East and Broadmoor Tech. LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM