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Sportswriter Anthony Tao On Beijing Preparations

Jul 21, 2008

Kansas City, MO – In about two and a half weeks, the much-awaited Beijing Olympics will begin. Final preparations for the opening ceremony are underway at the Beijing National Stadium, but the details have remained a well-kept state secret. The Chinese government is also preparing for the onslaught of visitors to Beijing. Officials hope traffic controls will avoid gridlock in Beijing streets streets that are typically overcrowded with cars, bicycles and rickshaws. And special security measures have also been put in place by the government to thwart would-be troublemakers and terrorist activity.

KCUR's Susan Wilson checked in with our man in Beijing, Anthony Tao, who filled us in on the latest developments. Tao has been filing reports about Beijing's Olympics preparations for ESPN's blog and his own blog, Heart of Beijing.

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