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Sonia Sanchez, Teaching the Sudanese, School Board School

Mar 2, 2012

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Sonia Sanchez In Kansas City

Sonia Sanchez is credited as being one of the architects of the Black Studies field. But she’s also a poet, activist and teacher. While recently visiting the UMKC campus, she sat down with Susan Wilson to talk about her passions, life and career.

“Hungry” Showing At The Unicorn Theatre

Up and coming playwright Lia Romeo has mixed dark humor with issues like pedophilia and alcoholism in her previous works. Her latest play, "Hungry,” now at the Unicorn Theatre, is no exception.  It focuses on eating disorders and what happens when we try too hard to control our impulses.

Teaching the Sudanese

Kansas City is home to one of the largest Sudanese refugee populations in the country.  One woman has made it her mission to help teach them ….to teach. Stephanie Person taught elementary school in Harlem before beginning graduate school at K-State. She’s now working with a team of educators and with the Sudanese tribal groups to develop a curriculum of teaching techniques relevant to Sudanese culture.

School Board President Trains Others To Take His Place

Even though School board president Airick Leonard West is not running for school board re-election, he is now offering training classes for seven recent write-in candidates and supporters. He’s calling it School Board School.  So with the district in such upheaval, we talk to West to see what the future of the board is in the current climate.

Geo-Pride Tattoos In Vogue

For years people have always identified where they were from by a shirt, hat or jacket.  So how about something more permanent to show off your home town pride?  There’s a new trend in tattoo art called Geo-Tats. They can be an elbow with an inked area code, a shoulder with a familiar skyline, or an ankle with a certain state flower all to show from where you came.