So What Now? Missouri Lawmakers Chart A Path Forward

Jan 15, 2018

Missouri government is still reeling after a week that saw the State of the State address overshadowed by a report by KMOV in St. Louis that Governor Eric Greitens, a Republican, had an affair with an unnamed woman, as revealed in tapes secretly recorded by the woman's former husband. The governor has admitted the affair but denies allegations he attempted to blackmail the woman to keep it quiet.

With many legislators calling for investigation or resignation, this week we ask what comes next. How will the governor govern and legislators legislate as the story continues to unfold? And how will the governor's legislative priorities outlined in the State of the State address play out? Rep. Lauren Arthur, a Democrat from Kansas City's Northland, offers her take — and what she anticipates for Democrats in the 2018 elections ... including a epcial election that some think could include her.


  • Rep. Lauren Arthur, D-Kansas City