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Small Business Stratagem To K.C. Council: License Fee Contested

Dec 8, 2011

An   ad hoc  Kansas City Council  committee  project  to make the city more agreeable to small business  sets out three key points. There  are  more than sixty other recommendations.

The  project that  began  last  Spring   finds the  city needs to make it easier for smaller businesses to operate  and    startup.  Councilman Scott Taylor led the work and  told colleagues  it’s important  because the less-than-large- businesses will bring  jobs   closer to where people live. Two main points  from  Taylor  are making licensing  simpler and cheaper.  Taylor thinks the  city  should  find a better  way. The license tax  brings in more than $20 million  a year.  Taylor  also  says his  panel found  a need for micro financing and  Justine Peterson Housing  and Reinvestment   Corporation   stepped  up-- “they provide  a lot of services along the  way. So once they deliver that loan, that the company will expand and succeed.”

The    committee  findings  come  after  17  meetings  with  scores of small businesses.   The study results will be available online.