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Slim Chance For Tornadoes In Kansas City Forecast

Oct 12, 2012

Tornadoes are less common during Kansas City autumns than springtime, but the National Weather Service finds a possibility of tornadoes forming tomorrow. 

Severe weather is more likely into the Saturday afternoon and evening hours.

High dew point readings were already being tallied to the south of Kansas City by Friday afternoon.  Elevated dew points are a factor watched by severe weather forecasters.

Meteorologist Derek Deroche with National Weather Service at Pleasant Hill, Missouri says morning storms with hail are more likely north of the metro.

Deroche says storms, hail and high wind and possibly tornadoes, are more likely after 4 pm into mid-evening--“we put some probability numbers on there, but it’s a little complicated on how we determine those numbers.” So, says Deroche, “rather than throw out a generic number we’ll just say that there is a threat for tornadoes, although it’s not particularly high.”

And Deroche recommends staying in contact with your usual weather sources.