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Shootout Interrupts Funeral

Dec 15, 2010

Kansas City, MO – The incident mirrors one in St. Louis two weeks ago. The first mourners are leaving after the funeral of a young man when gunfire erupts from a passing car.

In St. Louis, two people were killed. In Kansas City Tuesday no one was injured, though several vehicles were left with bullet holes.

The funeral was for homicide victim Marion Denmon, who early reports had said was an innocent victim of gang-bang crossfire.

But police spokesman Darin Snapp said there were rumors: "Word on the street was that there might be some issues, but actually we checked with the family and they said they did not believe there would be any problems."

The investigation of who might be part of the "problem" and who among the mourners returned the gunfire continues.

Police say in the future the plan a more conspicuous presence at funerals of young male homicide victims when there are similar street rumors.