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Servers Tell All: Jeff Esparza

Feb 13, 2012

Ordering a meal at a restaurant can be a very different transaction depending on whether you're sitting at the table or standing with a notepad.

A recent event at The Writer's Place turned the tables on restaurant diners and opened the microphone for waiters around town to tell stories from their perspective.

The host and organizer of I'll Be Your Server Tonight was David Hayden. Besides being a server for more than 15 years, David Hayden is also a writer, and maintains a whole network of blogs – including Restaurant Laughs and Tips Squared: Tips for Improving your Tips.  

We're bringing you some of the stories from I'll Be Your Server Tonight over the next couple of weeks on KC Currents. This one is from local bartender Jeff Esparza.  He talks about his first serving gig, at a diner in Northern California with a senior staff with almost super-human skills.

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