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Sen. Blunt Says It's Time To Get Back To Business

Oct 17, 2013

Both of Missouri’s U.S. Senators voted in favor of the bill Wednesday night that reopened the federal government and raised the country’s debt ceiling.

The measure, approved by the House and Senate and signed by the President early Thursday, restores funding for the government through January 15 and extends the nation's borrowing authority through February 7.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri says he hopes the government learned some lessons during the 16-day shutdown.

"It’s clear that the government spends too much, it borrows too much," says Blunt. "Those really have to be the two main targets after yesterday’s vote and it’s time we got back to the business of debating priorities and setting those priorities and having some process that works.”

All Republican House members from Missouri voted against the bill reopening the government while the two Democratic congressmen voted in favor of it.